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they say publicly? >> it's a big deal. what this will do, it will change the education of their officers and their noncommissioned officers, and the training itself to focus on counter insurgency, which is a different form of warfare and it needs a skegs set o special set of skill sets. jenna: what kind of role will we play potentially in that? will we be part of the training or making recommendations, or is this something that is really internal for their country? >> we have had quite an impact on this already. we have provided them manuals, we have brought people over, bonafide experts in this. they'll do the training themselves. we are also hoping that we have a major problem with pakistan as we have talked about before on this show, and that is, is that there are safe-havens as you mentioned inside of pakistan where the afghanistan taliban harbor, and the pakistanis are protecting them. we are hoping to make some progress with those safe havens as well. jenna: one of the reasons why that's so underlined if you will is because pakistan has nuclear weapons. no one really knows for sure
, and as educators. as professional athletes we should insure they learn the life skills they need long after playing the game such as fairness, honesty, compassion. jon: look at clemens, for instance. he was acquitted. he testified in front of congress said i never used steroids. he got taken to court for perjury. and he was acquitted, danny. >> he was acquit the. unfortunately he may or may not have taken the steroids but again the focus here is on the children. this, win at all costs mentality, that is taking place in the big leagues has trickled down to the lowest levels. we have parents going after coaches because they don't like that the player is not getting enough playing time. coaches going after officials. there is yelling, there is screaming. there is profanity. there is cheating. we should teach our children better to fail than it is to cheat. we should create winners the fair and honest way. jon: jim, what about that? >> well, yes but you know, there has been a mantra in professional sports for a long time, if you're not cheating you're not trying. that is what goes on these days. everyb
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2